Home-secure company documents

A flexible solution that manages access rights to information in the company – even working remotely.

With SEALPATH you gain control over your company documentation. Regardless of how many copies you make and by which route your documents are transferred, you always know who and which rights concern sb. You can freely grant and receive access and tag documents, protecting your data against unauthorised printing, copying or disclosure to third parties.

Take advantage of the solution and provide your company with secure information exchange.

Software for business and private users


We provide the solutions your company needs.

For years we have been cooperating with the world’s largest provider of software for companies and private users. We professionally deal with the implementation of Microsoft Online services, which has been confirmed by the status of Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions. We provide solutions that your company needs.

Thanks to a structured and transparent pre-sales and post-sales support your company will operate more efficiently and your customers will feel satisfied with the cooperation.


Dynamic, efficient, and easy to use security solutions

We were the first in Poland to be awarded the status of “GOLDEN PARTNER” by WatchGuardONE. As part of our cooperation with the leading provider of IT solutions on the market, we ensure access to the latest generation of Firewalls improving network security.

WatchGuard is a smart solution designed to manage and administer network infrastructure security (UTM/NGFW, Wi-Fi, Secure e-mail Gateway, Virtual solutions XTMv/XCSv ) in your company, also through wireless access points that extend from the firewall of personal devices such as smartphones and tablets.

As Dell Partner Direct we offer a full portfolio of Dell products.

Dell is a leader in its field, providing access to technology and the highest standards to various industry groups and strategic partners.

Instead of competing, the company relies on cooperation with the largest industrial technology suppliers and original equipment manufacturers. Thanks to this approach, it is possible to have an exceptionally broad view of the computer environment.

Experience in designing IT security systems

Sophos products allow you to secure every network endpoint, from laptops to virtual desktops and servers, websites, mobile devices, emails, and network traffic. This is made possible by tailor-made products.

What distinguishes Sophos solutions from the competition is:

  • Intuitive and very well designed SophOS web-based management interface
  • Integration with Sophos software on workstations – Heartbeat technology

Juniper Networks is the world’s leading manufacturer of network solutions present on the market since 1998. The company is an expert on building high-performance, specialized routing platforms for carrier networks. Many years of experience in this segment of network solutions, difficult from the perspective of requirements and technological complexity, results in excellent products designed for enterprise networks.

What distinguishes Juniper solutions from the competition is the Virtualization of devices.

Features distinguishing Juniper solutions from the competition products:

  • Very high stability of solutions
  • Corporate configuration interfaces
  • Broad partner support.

Fortinet is a pioneer and global market leader in integrated and hardware-accelerated Unified Threat Management (UTM) systems.

These solutions are used by companies and telecommunication service providers to increase security while reducing total operating costs.


Hillstone Networks offers a wide range of security solutions for businesses and networked data centers, whether physical, virtual or in the cloud.

Advanced analysis based on sophisticated behavioral analysis, data analysis and deep application analysis allows to find and eliminate threats in short time.

Features distinguishing Juniper solutions from the competition products:

  • NGFW approach
  • Corporate configuration interfaces
  • Highest quality/price ratio by NSS Labs
  • Possibility of virtualization (partitioning) of devices

“The total value of the Product is captivating. The safety, performance, and stability of Hillstone’s next-generation firewall are excellent, achieving Hillstone’s NSS Labs Recommended Status”.

– Vikram Phatak, CEO of NSS Labs.


Innovative and unique solution to protect against the latest computer threats in your organization.

The solutions use WebRoot BrightCloud®, a reputation cloud powered by sandbox mechanisms operating on workstations. In the case of unknown threats, WebRoot blocks access to the Internet and registers activities of the software to determine its nature.

Since its inception, SolarWinds has been providing specially designed solutions to make things easier for IT professionals.

The offer includes valuable products and tools that will help solve many difficulties related to IT management, both with networks, servers, applications, as well as with storage and virtualization.

Effective security and compliance



WALLIX offers solutions to manage privileged accounts for large and medium-sized companies, public organisations and cloud service providers, helping their users to protect their IT resources such as data, servers, terminals, and any connected devices.

RedHat is a world leader in open-source solutions for businesses. It has a wide range of products and services in commercial markets.

Thanks to the fact that RedHat Enterprise Linux products were built on the same source code, it allowed to offer possibilities available in commercial implementations…

NEC Display Solutions offers the most versatile and task-oriented products such as small and large LCD screens as well as projectors of all kinds and sizes for classrooms, conference rooms, airports, and cinemas.

NEC Display Solutions brings together industry experts and provides innovative solutions for various vertical markets.

We provide high-quality products of the manufacturer with a leading position in servers, storage, wired and wireless networks, converged systems, software, services, and the cloud.

The solutions offered by HP Enterpise include, among others:

  • Servers (ProLiant, Apollo, Superdome X)
  • Server integrated systems (Synergy, Hyper-converged Systems)
  • Storage systems and disk arrays (3PAR StoreServ, StoreVirtual, StoreOnce)
  • Network Solutions (Aruba, Switche)
  • Software (Fortify, OneView, Haven)

HP is primarily a manufacturer of printers, scanners, digital cameras, PDAs, servers, computer workstations, and computers for small businesses.

If you think that the security solutions should be on smart enough to fit seamlessly into your business and the growth of threats, opt for SonicWall solutions that have been effectively protecting small and medium-sized businesses around the world from cybercrime.

SonicWall technology grows with your company and its needs, continuously providing the highest level of protection. This is why their real-time cyber security solutions can be found in international corporations as well as small private companies. With SonicWall, you get a reliable firewall with a range of additional services:

  • virus and spyware protection,
  • spam filters,
  • breakage protection.



Fujitsu is a Japanese leading provider of the latest technologies and equipment in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), offering a wide range of products, solutions and services.

The company offers solutions such as servers or storage systems, which are the basis of IT systems, as well as network products such as base stations for mobile phones, optical transmission systems, network management systems or other communication infrastructure.

From its humble beginnings as a small trading company, Samsung has evolved into a world-class corporation,

operating in industries such as high-tech, semiconductors, construction of skyscrapers and production plants, petrochemistry, fashion, medicine, finance, hospitality and more.

As Technical Sales Professional, we offer Veeam backup solutions.

In the digital transition era, Veeam recognizes the new challenges faced by businesses around the world to pursue the Always-On Enterprise™ concept which means running the business 24/7/365.

That’s why Veeam® has created a new market segment – Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™ – allowing you to restore any IT service as well as related applications and data in seconds and minutes.