Cyber 2.0

Cyber 2.0 System Capabilities.

  • Provides a complete EDR (Endpoint Detect & Response) solution and more.
  • Provides a complete MDR (Manage Detection and Response) solution, including SOC.
  • Provides a complete NDR (Network Detect & Response) solution, including network traffic masking.
  • Provides a complete XDR (Extended Detect & Response) solution, which is an extension of Device Control.
  • Provides one complete solution for both IT and OT/Scada networks.
  • Works in multiple modes (monitoring, isolation, and full defense).
  • Provides network access control (NAC).
  • Works based on the principle of ZERO TRUST.
  • Allows for conducting cyber investigations.
  • Provides a complete solution for remote employees.
  • Provides continuous and real-time risk assessment for the organization.
  • Can be installed locally or in the cloud.
  • The deployment process is simple and easy.

PassMark security vs performance test results

Cyber 2.0 Network

Solution architecture with SOC

Connection realized through dedicated Gateway

Mazebolt Radar™

Mazebolt RADAR™

Mazebolt RADAR™ is a continuous DDoS protection testing solution that ensures uninterrupted website operation and protection against malicious DDoS attacks. The solution simulates attacks from the Mazebolt cloud, and the RADAR™ DETECTOR is installed in front of your firewall on the Internet side, emulating clients trying to connect to your website and collecting information about test packets. It then measures website performance for each simulated client, compares results, and provides real-time warnings about security vulnerabilities.

What Can Mazebolt Radar Do for You?

  • Evaluate deployed hardware and DDoS protection services
  • Answer the question, “Can your service provider handle a real DDoS attack?”
  • Meet the requirements of Recommendation D for DDoS solution testing

DDoS Gap

Złośliwe oprogramowanie przestaje być problemem

Protect Your Business from Malware with Odix

No one can provide 100% detection of malware, but with Odix, you can protect yourself even from the most sophisticated malware files.

Malware is becoming more complex than ever before. Companies are investing in digital security, and hackers are developing new ways to bypass security systems. One of the main methods is malware encrypted in a file that easily bypasses almost any security system.

Unlike traditional anti-malware technologies, Odix is effective against both known and unknown threats. It processes all incoming files for compliance with established standards for the given type. In case of any irregularities, it rebuilds files into clean versions and sends them to end-users.

Do your employees send and receive large amounts of data in the form of files? Gain confidence that daily data exchange will not become an opportunity for a cyberattack.

Postaw na kompleksowe bezpieczeństwo sieci

Cynet 360: Advanced Security Platform for Cost-Effective Protection

Cynet 360 is an integrated platform designed to detect and immediately respond to even the smallest cyber threats. It provides a range of key functionalities within a single, cohesive solution that can help save your organization’s resources.

If you want peace of mind and security, knowing that Cynet provides your company with round-the-clock threat analysis on even thousands of endpoints and detects targeted attacks before any damage occurs – contact us.

We’ll prove that securing and monitoring your corporate infrastructure can be simple and cost-effective.

Zadbaj o jakość i bezpieczeństwo kodu źródłowego

Efficient identification of security vulnerabilities in source code during the software development cycle.

Our partner Checkmarx is currently the world leader in source code security testing, awarded Gartner Customer Choice 2019. It provides effective code scanning for most programming languages, allowing you to invest in software security during its creation and development phase.

By using Checkmarx, you gain immediate access to detailed code analysis results along with recommendations to increase the security level of your newly developed application or eliminate potential risks associated with open-source software in your business structure.

Bądź o krok przed hakerem

Eliminate Security Vulnerabilities in Your Company System Once and For All.

Together with our partner Pentera, we will show you the real level of IT security in your company. We will thoroughly analyze your system for potential attacks using PENTERA, software that can flawlessly simulate hacker behavior.

Discover the possibilities of penetration testing and detect all the vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure. Benefit from detailed reports with solutions proposals to improve your company’s security without negatively impacting network performance.

Improve Your Company’s Security Now with the help of our expert team and PENTERA technology. Contact us to schedule a consultation today!

Change the way You work

Discover that a mobile office can be a secure and convenient solution for your business.

Together with our partner CITRIX, we make it possible for you and your team to work efficiently from anywhere in the world. We offer easy and secure access to applications and company data from any device or location.

CITRIX offers:

  • Virtualization of business desktops and applications
  • Unified file access
  • User behavior analytics
  • Protection of websites, applications, and interfaces against threats
  • Complete virtual work environment

Ensure business continuity for your company regardless of circumstances!

WatchGuard - More than FireWall

Prevention is better than dealing with the consequences of a cyber attack. That’s why we focus on comprehensive network and user security solutions.

We are the first company in Poland to achieve the status of “GOLD PARTNER” with WatchGuardONE. As a partner of this leading IT solutions provider, we offer access to the latest generation of firewalls that enhance network security.

WatchGuard is an intelligent solution designed to manage and administer the security of your network infrastructure (UTM/NGFW, WiFi, Secure e-mail Gateway, Virtual solutions XTMv/XCSv) in your company. It also provides access points for wireless devices such as smartphones and tablets, extending the reach of security firewalls.

Dokumenty firmowe bezpieczne w domowym zaciszu

An flexible solution that manages access rights to information in the company – even in remote work situations.

With SEALPATH, you gain control over your company’s documentation. Regardless of how many copies and how documents are transmitted, you always know who has what permissions. You can freely grant and revoke access and label documents, protecting data from unauthorized printing, copying, or disclosing to third parties.
Take advantage of this solution and provide secure information exchange for your company.

Software for businesses and private users


We provide solutions your business needs.

For years we have been cooperating with the world’s largest software provider for businesses and private users. We professionally implement Microsoft Online services, which is confirmed by the Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions status. We provide solutions your business needs.
Thanks to an organized and transparent pre- and post-sales process, your company will operate more efficiently, and customers will feel satisfied with the cooperation.

As Technical Sales Professionals, we offer solutions for Veeam backup.

In the era of digital transformation, Veeam recognizes new challenges faced by businesses around the world wanting to implement the concept of the Always-On Enterprise™, which means operating 24/7/365.

That’s why Veeam® has created a new market segment – Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™ – allowing for the restoration of any IT service, including related applications and data, in seconds and minutes.


As a Dell PartnerDirect, we offer a full portfolio of Dell products.

Dell is a leader in its field, providing access to technology and the highest standards to various industry groups and strategic partners.

Instead of competing, the company focuses on cooperation with the largest providers of industrial technology and original solution manufacturers. This approach enables an exceptionally broad view of the computer environment.

Doświadczenie w projektowaniu systemów zabezpieczeń IT

Secure Every Endpoint in Your Network with Sophos Products

At Sophos, we provide comprehensive solutions to protect your entire network. Our products are tailored to meet specific needs, from laptops to virtual desktops and servers, websites, mobile devices, emails, and network traffic.

Our intuitive and well-designed web-based interface for managing SophOS ensures easy and efficient management of your network security. We also offer Heartbeat technology, which integrates with Sophos software on workstations, allowing for seamless and real-time threat detection and response.

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line networking solutions, Juniper Networks has been a trusted provider since 1998. Our specialized routing platforms are designed for high-performance operator networks and enterprises alike. With years of experience in this complex industry, we’re proud to offer intuitive, high-quality products that are sure to meet your needs.

Juniper’s solutions stand out from the competition with:

  • High stability of solutions
  • Corporate configuration interfaces
  • Rich partner support

Fortinet is a pioneer and global leader in the market for integrated and hardware-accelerated threat management systems – Unified Threat Management (UTM).

These solutions are used by enterprises and telecommunications service providers to increase security while reducing overall operating costs.

Hillstone Networks offers a wide range of security solutions for businesses and network data centers, both physical, virtual, and cloud-based.

Advanced analysis based on sophisticated behavioral analysis, data analysis, and deep application analysis allows for quick detection and elimination of threats.

What sets Hillstone Networks solutions apart from the competition:

  • Clean NGFW approach
  • Corporate configuration interfaces
  • Highest quality-to-price ratio according to NSS Labs
  • Device virtualization (partitioning) capability

An innovative and unique solution to protect your organization’s computers from the latest threats.

The solution utilizes WebRoot BrightCloud®, a reputation cloud powered by sandbox mechanisms that run on workstations. In the case of unknown threats, WebRoot blocks internet access and logs the program’s actions to determine its nature.

Simplify Your IT Tasks with SolarWinds Solutions

Since its inception, SolarWinds has been providing specially designed solutions that aim to simplify IT tasks for professionals.

With a range of valuable products and tools, SolarWinds can help you solve a myriad of difficulties related to IT administration, including network management, server administration, application monitoring, storage, and virtualization.

Here are some benefits of using SolarWinds solutions:

  • Integrated, easy-to-use interfaces for efficient IT management.
  • Automation of routine tasks, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Real-time monitoring and alerting for quick issue resolution.
  • Advanced security measures to protect your organization against cyber threats.
  • Flexible and scalable solutions that can adapt to your changing needs.

Don’t let IT tasks overwhelm you. Choose SolarWinds and simplify your work today!

Efektywne zapewnienie bezpieczeństwa i zgodności

Secure Privileged Access Management Solutions for Large and Medium-sized Enterprises

WALLIX offers cutting-edge solutions for managing privileged accounts for large and medium-sized enterprises, public organizations, and cloud service providers. Our solutions enable users to secure their IT assets such as data, servers, terminals, and all connected devices.

Why Choose WALLIX?

  • Advanced session management and monitoring capabilities to provide comprehensive control over privileged access
  • Powerful analytics and reporting tools to track user activity and detect potential security breaches in real-time
  • Scalable and flexible solutions that can adapt to the changing needs of your business
  • User-friendly interfaces that simplify the management of privileged accounts and reduce the risk of human error

Protect your enterprise and gain complete control over your privileged access with WALLIX. Contact us today to learn more.

HP to przede wszystkim producent drukarek, skanerów, aparatów cyfrowych, palmtopów, serwerów, stacji roboczych komputerów oraz komputerów dla małych przedsiębiorstw.

RedHat jest światowym liderem rozwiązań open-source’owych dla przedsiębiorstw. Posiada szeroką gamę produktów i usług na rynkach komercyjnych.

Dzięki temu, że produkty RedHat Enterprise Linux zostały zbudowane w oparciu o ten sam kod źródłowy, pozwoliło to zaoferować możliwości dostępne we wdrożeniach komercyjnych.

NEC Display Solutions oferuje najbardziej wszechstronne i zorientowane na swoim zadaniu produkty takie jak małe i duże ekrany LCD, a także projektory wszelkiego rodzaju i rozmiaru, zarówno do klasy, sali konferencyjnej, jak i na lotnisko czy do kina.

NEC Display Solutions skupia ekspertów branży i dostarcza innowacyjne rozwiązania dla różnych rynków wertykalnych.

Dostarczamy wysokiej jakości produkty producenta o wiodącej pozycji w branży serwerów, pamięci masowej, sieci przewodowych i bezprzewodowych, systemów konwergentnych, oprogramowania, usług i chmury.

Do rozwiązań znajdujących się w ofercie HP Enterpise należą między innymi:

  • Serwery (ProLiant, Apollo, Superdome X)
  • Serwerowe systemy zintegrowane (Synergy, Hyper-converged Systems)
  • Systemy Storage oraz Macierze dyskowe (3PAR StoreServ, StoreVirtual, StoreOnce)
  • Rozwiązania Sieciowe (Aruba, Switche)
  • Oprogramowanie (Fortify, OneView, Haven)

Jeśli uważasz, że rozwiązania w zakresie bezpieczeństwa powinny być na tyle inteligentne, aby płynnie dopasowywać się do rozwoju firmy i wzrostu zagrożeń, postaw na rozwiązania SonicWall, które od ponad 25 lat skutecznie chronią małe i średnie przedsiębiorstwa z całego świata przed cyberprzestępczością.

Technologia SonicWall rośnie wraz z twoją firmą i jej potrzebami, nieprzerwanie zapewniając najwyższy poziom ochrony. Właśnie dlatego ich rozwiązania w zakresie cyberbezpieczeństwa w czasie rzeczywistym możemy spotkać zarówno w międzynarodowych korporacjach, jak i małych firmach prywatnych. Stawiając na SonicWall, zyskujesz niezawodny firewall zawierający szereg dodatkowych usług,

  • ochronę przed wirusami i oprogramowaniem szpiegującym,
  • filtry antyspamowe,
  • ochrona przed włamaniami.



Od skromnych początków w postaci małej firmy handlowej przedsiębiorstwo Samsung ewoluowało do rangi światowej klasy korporacji,

działającej w takich branżach, jak zaawansowane technologie, półprzewodniki, budowa drapaczy chmur i zakładów produkcyjnych, petrochemia, moda, medycyna, finanse, hotelarstwo i nie tylko.

Fujitsu jest głównym japońskim dostawcą najnowszych technologii i sprzętu w dziedzinie informatyki i komunikacji (ICT), oferującym szeroki zakres produktów, rozwiązań i usług.

Firma oferuje rozwiązania takie jak serwery czy systemy pamięci masowej, które są podstawą systemów informatycznych, a także produkty sieciowe typu stacje bazowe dla telefonów komórkowych, systemy transmisji optycznej, systemy zarządzania siecią czy inną infrastrukturę komunikacyjną.