WIB Fusion Platform

Revolutionizing API Security: Discover Wib's Fusion Platform

Why Wib?

Fusion platform. Cutting-edge API security.

Innovative, Critical and Under Attack

APIs are fueling digital transformation but have become the Achilles’ heel of cyber defenses. With over 50% of APIs invisible to security teams, these unknown, unmanaged and unprotected APIs expose critical business logic vulnerabilities and increase risk. Our API-driven world needs an advanced, purpose-built solution to illuminate blind spots and protect against today’s leading cybersecurity threat vector.

Advanced Security

Wib’s Fusion platform provides protection for your APIs throughout their entire lifecycle, from development through testing and into production. Truly adopt an Open API philosophy with security that detects OWASP API vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and extracts poor encryption and authorization methods.

Actionable Intelligence

Get the insights and context to make informed decisions. Wib’s Fusion platform delivers the intelligence to take prioritization and resource allocation decisions, based on potential impacts to your core business functions, services, applications and reputation.

Automated Visibility

Get a complete picture of your entire API estate, mapping all known and unknown APIs across the entire API development cycle. Our automatic API discovery and documentation provides an inventory of every API, regardless of deployment state, location, type or if they are known to the organization. Make audits and examinations stress-free with automated, real-time API documentation.

Rules were made to be broken

Traditional and legacy technologies such as web application firewalls (WAFs) and API gateways were not designed to protect against logic-based attacks. These attacks account for the majority of the OWASP Top 10 API Security Threats, making businesses dangerously exposed.

Wib’s Fusion platform is purpose-built to understand and interpret API and business logic and deliver insights on API-specific threats. See how the Wib Fusion platform performs against traditional solutions.